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    The role of Equine Sports medicine is to determine the soundness and health of top equine athletes whatever their discipline might be in order to enable the horse to perform at its maximum level. An excellent equine sports medicine team is priceless to any trainer, rider, or owner who wants their athlete to be able to reach a peak performance in their selected discipline.

Headed up by Dr. Justin High, the Reata Equine sports medicine team is constantly working to keep numerous top equine athletes from every discipline showing and competing on a national level. We house a large variety of state of the art diagnostic equipment such as digital radiography and ultrasound as well as MRI and bone scan capabilities. We practice the latest techniques and treatments such as IRAP, both fat and bone marrow derived Stem Cell Therapy, Shockwave Therapy, joint injections, and Tildren treatments, in order to help keep your horse competing at the top of his game or to help him return quickly to performance after an injury.




As many of you know, lameness and performance issues can be a diagnostic challenge. The level of performance required today to stay at the pinnacle of your disciple requires an athlete that is at the top of their game. Soundness issues can lead to poor performance, and being able to recognize those issues becomes critical to the success of the athlete.

The challenge in diagnosis comes when your horse is not visibly “off” enough to adequately isolate a problem, but is “off” enough to reduce their performance. Lameness clinicians have long relied on the subjective ability of the human eye to pick up inconsistencies in gait and movement. We now have an objective tool that helps us in that evaluation process. By placing inertial sensors that transmit movement patters on specific regions of your horse we can analyze the data derived from algorithms that can isolate the lameness to a single, or multiple, limbs. This gives us objective evidence for not only the degree of lameness, but the type of lameness.

We feel that this diagnostic tool becomes essential in many ways for your performance horse by enhancing our awareness of:

  • Subtle, performance reducing lameness
  • Multiple limb lameness - sore in the front and/or hind?
  • Follow up progress and rehabilitation from injury - is he getting better?
  • Confirmation with nerve or joint blocks during the exam
  • Follow up after treatment - did the treatment help?

By utilizing both the subjective viewpoint of the doctor and the objective analysis of the computer, we can provide you and your horse with the best care regarding their soundness.

We are excited to provide this tool for you! Ask for the Lameness Locator by Equinosis.



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